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Easy ways to earn rewards

Full-Paying Travelers

With WorldStrides Rewards, you receive Rewards Points every step of the way during your travel program. From the initial trip promotion and student sign-ups to traveling on additional trips or referring another teacher to WorldStrides, points are deposited into your account for each action that you take. Points can be redeemed as your travel date approaches or saved and carried over from year to year. These Rewards Points act as a flexible currency that can be redeemed for a variety of items including cash, gift cards, travel scholarships, and even additional trips for you.

By Air

  • 4 Points
    per full-paying traveler, per hotel night for early registration
  • 2 Points
    per full-paying traveler, per hotel night for standard registration

By Bus

  • 2 Points
    per full-paying traveler, per hotel night for early registration
  • 1 Point
    per full-paying traveler, per hotel night for standard registration

Big Group Bonus

The more full-paying travelers that travel with you, the bigger the Rewards. When you travel at the thresholds below, you’ll receive a special points bonus.

Bonus thresholds vary slightly for Science programs. If you are traveling on a science based program, please consult your WorldStrides Account Manager for specifics.

By Air

  • 100 Points
    40+ full-paying travelers
  • 200 Points
    80+ full-paying travelers

By Bus

  • 100 Points
    75+ full-paying travelers
  • 200 Points
    150+ full-paying travelers
Do the math! A bigger group means bigger Rewards!

For example, a 4 night trip by air with 50 full-paying travelers means:

  • 40 full-paying travelers

    (signing up during early registration)

  • 4 hotel nights
  • 4 points per hotel night

  • 640 points
  • 10 full-paying travelers

    (signing up during standard registration)

  • 4 hotel nights
  • 2 points per hotel night

  • 80 points
  • 100 Big Group Bonus Points

  • 820 points

Earn by Sharing Your Stories

Your experiences are the foundation of our mission as an organization, and we want to feature you! Do you like to write? Blog? Submit your original work for publication on our website.

General guidelines:

  • WorldStrides welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics from travelogues to tips for teacher leaders to posts that share your expertise in history, science, performance or athletics.
  • A typical posts should be no more than 500-700 words.
  • If your submission is accepted, you will receive 100 WorldStrides Rewards Points.

Some example topics include:

The best thing that happened to me while traveling was….
The moment when a student was changed by their travel experience
Why I chose to travel with my students
My favorite classroom tip is _______.
5 tips for a successful WorldStrides program
How leading travel programs has changed me as an educator…

Interested? Email us your blog or share your ideas with us at

Rewards Points

Important details to know
  • Rewards Points are earned per full-paying traveler based on the type of transportation of your trip, the number of hotel nights of your program, and the date of when that full-paying traveler signs up relative to your travel date. Please contact your Account Manager should you have specific questions about what is defined as ‘early registration’ for your specific trip.
  • All Rewards Points earned, including points transferred from a competitor, are redeemable starting at 20 days from scheduled travel date, and can be redeemed anytime after travel.
  • Rewards Points have no expiration date, but you must have completed a WorldStrides travel program within the last 18 months or you must have a future trip with WorldStrides scheduled with at least 5 or more full-paying traveler sign-ups in order to redeem your Rewards Points.
  • Each month, you’ll be notified of your Rewards balance via email. Your Rewards balance is also available by emailing When eligible for Points Redemption, you may submit a redemption request to Please provide your name, your school name, and the email address associated with your trip.

All rewards subject to change throughout the year and from year to year. Other terms and conditions may apply. Visit our terms and conditions for complete details.